Dr. Mary Kivali Ambula, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of Animal Sciences

Contact information

Mobile: +254 721 379 151

Email: agusiambula@yahoo.comm.ambula@egerton.ac.ke

Recent publications



Mahunguane, SJS, MK Ambula & BO Bebe (2016). Influence of weaning age on profitability of rabbits reared on smallholder farms in Kenya. Livestock Research for Rural development (accepted 8/8/16, to be published 1/9/16)


Khobondo, JO & MK Ambula (2016). Effects of partial replacement of commercial pellets with prosopis juliflora pods on performance of New Zealand weaner rabbits. J. Anim. Sci. Adv (accepted 15/8/18)


M’ncene WB, JK Tuitoek, AM Wachira & MK Ambula (2016). Partial substitution of soybean with red haricot beans in broiler diets: Effects of processing, probiotics and enzymes on performance. J. Anim. Sci. Adv 2016, (6)6:1650-1656


Mungai NW, Ambula MK, Chege NW, Mberia P, Ombati JM, Opiyo AM, Bebe BO, Ayuya IO & Wambua T (2016). Experiential learning for agricultural students in institutions of higher learning: The case of Egerton University. Agric J for rural development. (accepted 18/8/2016)


Mukasafari AM, MK Ambula, AM King’ori & C Karege (2016). Effects of brewers’ spent grains on the performance of growing pigs in Rwanda. Tropical Animal Health & Production (accepted 15/8/2016)


Nyakira, BS, PA Onjoro, JK Tuitoek & MK Ambula (2015). Determination of the nutritive value of sugar cane tops, Mulberry leaves (M. alba) and Calliandra (C. Calothyrsus) as feed supplements for goats in Kenya. J. Anim. Sci. Adv 2015, 5(3): 1225-1233


Maina, DND, Onjoro PA, Njoka EN and Ambula MK (2014). Evaluation of triticale grain as a feed for broiler finishers in Kenya. Egerton J. Sci. Technol. Vol 14: 1-13


Domitila, NB, PA Onjoro, EN Njoka and MK Ambula (2014). Evaluating the potential of triticale grain grown in Kenya as an alternative feed ingredient in broiler diets in raw or thermal treated (pelleted) form. J. Anim. Sci. Adv. 2014: 4(9) 2115-2123


Juma, H, SA Abdulrazak, RW Muinga and MK Ambula, (2006). Evaluation of Clitoria, Glyricidia and Mucuna as Nitrogen Supplements to Napier Grass Basal Diet in Relation to the Performance of Lactating Jersey Cows. “Livestock Science 103 (2006) 23-29”



Juma, H, SA Abdulrazak, RW Muinga and MK Ambula, (2006). Effects of Supplementing Maize Stover with Clitoria, Glyricidia and Mucuna on Performance of Lactating Jersey Cows in Coastal Lowland Kenya. “Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems, 2006 (6): 1-7”



Okeno, TO, FK Mbuku, AK Kahi and MK Ambula (2004). Productive and Reproductive Performance of Pure Bos Tauras Cattle in Three Large Scale Farms in Kenya. “Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 3 (12):846-851, 2004”



MK Ambula, JK Tuitoek and GW Oduho (2003). Effects of High Tannin Sorghum and Bentonite on the Performance of Laying Hens. “Tropical Animal Health and Production, 2003 Pg 285-292”



MK Ambula. JK Tuitoek and GW Oduho (2001). Effects of Sorghum Tannins, a Tannin Binder (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) and Sorghum Inclusion Level on the Performance of Broiler Chicks. “Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, September 2001, Pg 1276-1281”



E.N. Njoka-Njiru, J.M. Ojango, M.K. Ambula, C.M. Ndirangu (2001). Grazing Behaviour of Saanen and Toggenburg Goats in Sub-humid Tropical Conditions of Kenya. “Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, July 2001”


Manuscripts under Preparation

1. Poultry Production in the Tropics

2. A Handbook of Commercial Chicken Production in Kenya

3. A Guide To Indigenous Chicken Production In Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects and Perspectives


. 1st World Congress on Innovations for Livestock Development “Fostering innovations for the livest