Bockline Omedo Bebe (Ph.D.)

Professor of Livestock Production

Department of Animal Science,

Faculty of Agriculture,

P. O. Box 536, 20115 Egerton, Kenya


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Mobile: +254 721853999

Fax: +254 51 211 1113

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Muthui, N. J., Mshenga, P. M. and Bebe, B. O. 2014. The influence of livestock market structure, conduct and performance on herd productivity among smallholders in Western Kenya

Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development Vol.3(1);12-16.


Ngeno K., Omasaki S.K. and Bebe B.O. 2014. Assessment of the Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability of the Bos-Taurus Dairy Genotypes in Nandi and Nakuru Counties in Kenya

J Anim Prod Adv 2014, 4(6): 430-441


Kashongwe Olivier Basole, Migwi Preminius, Bebe Bockline Omedo, Ooro Patrick Awuor, Onyango Tobias Atali, Osoo John Odhiambo. 2014. Improving the nutritive value of wheat straw with urea and yeast culture for dry season feeding of dairy cows

Tropical Animal Health and Production. DOI 10.1007/s11250-014-0598-1


Shibia G. Mumina. Owuor George, and Bebe B. Omedo. 2013.

Evaluation of losses of replacement heifers in pastoral and peri-urban camel herds in semi-arid northern Kenya

Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice 3:23


Noor Issack M, Tariq Mohammed, Guliye Abdi Yakub, Bebe Bockline Omedo. 2013. Assessment of camel and camel milk marketing practices in an emerging peri-urban production system in Isiolo County, Kenya. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice 3:28


Ngeno K., Magothe T M., Okeno T O., Bebe B O., Kahi A K. 2013.

Heritabilities and correlations between body weights and growth curve parameters of indigenous chicken populations reared intensively in Kenya. Research Journal of Poultry Sciences 6 (3): 43-52


Ochieng Justus, George Owuor, Bebe Bockline Omedo. 2013.

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Bett R C, Bebe B O, Kosgey I S, Kahi A K and Peters K J. 2013. Participatory assessment of institutional and organisational challenges confronting dairy goat management in Kenya

Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 25, Article #210.


Sustainable livestock production systems, Adaptation to climate change, Livestock value chains development, Livestock policy