Message From the Chairman

Livestock production plays an important role in contributing to the fast growing demand for livestock products (food, services and raw materials) in the livelihoods of most of the world’s population. The livestock sector globally is highly dynamic and it is evolving in response to the rapidly increasing demand for livestock products.  Changes in the demand for livestock products have been largely driven by human population growth, income growth and urbanization. The production response in different livestock systems has been associated with science and technology as well as increases in animal numbers. Currently, production is increasingly being affected by competition for land, water, and between food and feed. Technological developments in breeding, nutrition and animal health will continue to contribute to increasing potential production and improve efficiency and genetic gains. The department of Animal Sciences has the mandate to provide highly trained manpower (Diploma, MSc and PhD), equipped with both knowledge and skills (science and technology) geared towards promoting animal production within the agricultural sector. This will contribute towards food and nutrition security.